Apr 242011
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Why do fans follow you on Twitter? To get to know you and to get the “inside scoop” on what you’re doing as an artist. The overarching idea is that you need to share what people want. Whether you are new to Twitter or a seasoned veteran, you can easily create a better Twitter stream with these tips.

1. Music

You’re a musician, this is why you became one: to share your music! Offer your followers the first chance to listen to new tracks, rough cuts, clips, or streams early.

2. Video

Even if you don’t have the resources to make a music video, most cell phones come with cameras now–use them! Give your fans behind-the-scenes access to you and your band in the studio or on the road. Twitter makes fans and musicians more connected, and this is how.

3. Have a Personality

Possibly the worst thing (after not Tweeting) that you can do is make your Twitter stream only updates from Facebook about events or purely pushing your shows/album on followers. All this will lead to is losing followers and potential fans. Talk about what you’re doing–even if it’s not related to your music! You don’t have to share every time you eat a sandwich, but if you’re doing something fun, tell your fans.

4. Engage!

This one gets an exclamation point. Why? Because no one wants to read from someone who only talks about themselves. Reply to your fans. RT them. Talk about other bands that you think are cool! They just might do the same with you, and their fan base will be exposed to you and your music.

Speak in the first person. Twitter accounts aren’t manned by machines (or they shouldn’t be), so let them know there’s a person behind the name! If you’re a band, and the members have Twitter accounts (and use them regularly), be sure your fans know that. It’s more likely for a fan to follow individual members to try to get to know them better. If no one in the band really utilizes Twitter personally, though, don’t force it. No one wants to listen to someone who doesn’t really want to be speaking.

While there are many more ways to utilize Twitter for musicians, these are four tips that should not be ignored. They take little extra effort (maybe the videos take the most), but they will unfailingly lead you to have a more organic, fun (and followed) Twitter account.

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