May 232011

There are more and more services coming out that allow us to shorten links (especially helpful within Twitter and our limit on characters). Beyond the Twitter use, it’s also good to shorten links for other reasons. It’s aesthetically more pleasing to see a very short link than to see a link that could take up three lines. There’s no need for that. There are plenty of sites where you can go to shorten your links, and many social media tools you already use might have them built right in–like WordPress, Twitter, and Hootsuite. While you could just use these built-in options, I don’t recommend it. (Don’t get me wrong–I love all three of those sites and am not knocking them in any way; there is just a better option for being able to track and analyze your links.)

This is where comes in. is an extremely user-friendly site where you can not only shorten your links, but do many other things right from your homepage. You don’t even need to click anything for your link to be shortened–as soon as you paste it in the box, does it for you!

Something that can be a problem when running a site is figuring out the best content to be sharing. You can track exactly which of your links are getting clicked using By paying attention to what headlines and keywords you are using along with these links, you can further see what your fans like to click on. Through the (completely free) service, you can shorten, share, track and manage all of your links. In addition, they have great resources, which I’ve shared below. After you check them out, head to the site, where you can begin managing your links–and your content–even better than before!

Do you use now? How do you use it along with other tools to make the most of your link sharing?

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