May 232011

Lady GaGa is well known for pushing the boundaries in her music, her clothes, and how much she markets herself. We have seen a number of innovative ideas from her. Regardless of your taste in music or your opinion of her, the success she had achieved can’t be ignored. She has the most Twitter followers. Of anyone. Ever. Her little monsters clearly like what she’s doing.

But we’re not analyzing Lady GaGa’s social media strategy (at least not today). The latest news is that her album dropped this morning–for $.99. Head on over to Amazon if you don’t believe me. It’s great for fans of “Born This Way,” but also for fans of Amazon’s new Cloud Drive. When you spend this $.99 for GaGa’s latest album, you get to upgrade your music locker to 20 GB of space, instead of the standard 5 GB.

Lady GaGa was most likely going to gain the coveted #1 spot on the charts with this album release anyway, but selling it for $.99 allows even casual fans, or non-fans who want 20GB more of Cloud space, to help her get there even faster.

If you’re not a fan, will this shockingly low price for an entire album pursuade you to purchase it anyway?

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