Jun 062011

The day is finally here. Today we’ll learn what rumors are true and which are not about the highly anticipated iCloud. For those of you who haven’t been following along, we’re going to recap what sources have been saying:


– Apple to pay $100-150 mil to the 4 majors to launch ($25-50 mil each).
– Initially will be free to those who have bought music through iTunes, but potential $25/year fee coming.
– Splits: 30% to Apple, 12% to music publishers, and 58% will go to the label to divide between them and the artists.


– Same splits were reported.
– No streaming today, but we’ll be able to use the service soon.
– Only tracks bought on iTunes will be able to be stored in the music locker.
– Non-iTunes music will be able to be stored at some point in the future.
– Apple has been trying to license movies and TV shows but they had more issues with those than with music labels. We’re expecting to see that in the future, though.


– Same splits again.
– Sony and Universal wanted 60% instead of 58%.
– No deals have been made with any indies, labels or publishers.
– Indie publishers will be offered 12% and labels 53%, but it is said the labels will hold out for a higher cut.

All we’ve heard from Apple is that the iCloud will be announced today. Have you heard anything beyond what we’ve listed above? Are you expecting anything else?

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