Jun 092011

Brit band Florence And The Machine has released an interpretation of a song by the 1950s hit singer Buddy Holly.

An unlikely combination, the song was released in tribute to Buddy Holly’s 75th birthday. Florence and co. have added a southern vibe to his single “Not Fade Away,” showing their true appreciation for old school rock ‘n’ roll. The voice is truly appreciated throughout due to the added hints of uniqueness.

A video has been released alongside this song where Florence is walking through a cemetery wearing a child-like tartan dress. We then progress to a recording studio where a rather confused Florence attempts to play a woodwind instrument wearing a cool waistcoat and T-shirt. Other random scenes of child-like behaviour are also illustrated-for instance, playing with hula hoops in a 60’s inspired look that follows the wearing of tiaras in a vintage shop. Her creative ability is shown through her face painting of a skeleton, and her individuality mirrored through her dance moves and trademark red lips.

It is true, this video is a mismatch of scenes, yet it mimics Florence And The Machine’s true ability to create a captivating video and individual sound.

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