Jun 122011

It seems that every band site you go on these days, there is some form of competition or idea of letting the fans create an “alternative” music video.

A UK pop boy band called JLS has given fans the opportunity to create not one but two alternative videos for their hit singles, “Love You More” and “She Makes Me Wanna.” Despite the band having great success with replies and an extraordinary amount of enthusiasm shown to this idea, this could hint towards the novelty of appearing in your favourite band’s UStream video fading away.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea – allowing artists to reconnect with their fans. This reasoned by the fact that artists will personally vow to look through every single entry (whether overly embarrassing filled with air grabs and bad dancing or extremely creative with dressing up and a choreographed routines).  This illustrates the love towards the band and the band’s own devotion to their support bases and appreciation towards those who buy albums.

This idea has been used too many times by too many bands, making it less of a novelty and probably less attention-grabbing. The fan-created video is no longer as innovative as it was a few months ago because of the repetition and the fact that the rare opportunity is becoming a regular.

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