Jun 192011

Yes, the best British boy band of all time sold out added tickets within minutes of advertising them.

The extra tickets were added due to the demand for all of their tour dates. Three added dates were made for Wembley Arena (London) where fans in the crowd would star in the band’s tour video. The tickets, no matter how hard anyone tries, are hard to come by due to the sheer popularity of the group.

The Take That reunion only started with four of the five members, Gary, Mark, Howard and Jason, which furthered into the quintet fans were use to in 2010 when Robbie rejoined the band after disputes with childhood best friend Gary. Take That proved as popular today as they were in the 90’s when hit singles such as “Back For Good” and “Babe” were released. The band has created up to date music with singles such as “Love Love” and “Progress,” this enticing all age groups, showing the true diversity of the group.

The first batch of tickets for the “Progress” tour sold out within 20 minutes of being released and those released today (17/06/2011) proved with similar popularity as they were sold out within around 30 minutes. Is there any stopping boy band Take That?

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