Jun 202011

In an attempt to sell more CDs (or maybe get rid of what they have), Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings is appealing to audiophiles and music collectors everywhere by boasting “Complete Album Collections.” To people who care about having a full discography, this is a good sales tactic. As a Miles Davis fan myself, I found myself thinking about if I had the cash to spend to say I own everything he’s released. (I don’t.) For the price paid, consumers do end up with a large amount of recordings and “extras,” but is it worth it? Will you ever actually listen to these CDs? Or is this a sign that CDs are going the way of vinyl–you buy them to say you have them, but not to actually listen? Will a CD be a collector’s item that you display proudly on the wall?

Should I be preserving my N*SYNC CD collection to frame?

If the CD will actually turn around and take the route of the vinyl, maybe there is hope for this portion of the recorded music industry, as vinyl revenues increased 455% in the last five years.

Would you buy this Complete Album Collection?

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