Jun 202011

Lady Gaga is not new to social media by any means. The Twitter maven has 10 million followers, so she knows how to network. Always innovative, we shouldn’t be surprised to hear of yet another creative campaign from her. This time, she’s teaming up with MAC to create a garment that will be worn at Paris Fashion Week this September. It is a very creative idea, though many have said the execution is not very smart, especially when you see the resources the two collborators have.

Fans can go over to VivaGlam.com, where they must sign up (a big turn off to many online patrons) to submit a photo. This photo will be turned into a digital sequin on Lady Gaga’s dress. The more fans share the information and their submission, the bigger their sequin will be. The sizes of said sequins are likely to be relative, so fans will want to share a lot to be noticed at all. Even though the “Edge of Glory” singer has over 10 million followers, not a huge number have signed up. The garment will be “live,” which leads up to believe there is no real cut off for when users can submit photos and share. I’m sure the closer we get and the more promotion goes behind the campaign, there will be a huge spike in submissions.

The project is a promotion for a new line of lip color by MAC, whose proceeds will benefit HIV and Aids-related charities. Unfortunately, the site does not boast this integration, either.

What do you think the promotion could be doing more of to increase awareness and submissions?

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