Jun 212011

Toy Story’s favourite two-some arrived back on the screen in 2010 in search of a way to keep their childhood friend, Andy, in their lives when he leaves for college. During the mis-happenings of being taken to daycare and being thrown into a firing furnace of rubbish and sharing the story line with an evil pink bear, Woody and the gang finally end up in the loving and caring protection of Bonnie.

During the promotion of the third part to the Toy Story Trilogy, Disney Pixar strangely focussed on targeting the twenty to twenty five age category. The production company set up, via Facebook and Youtube, for private screenings to take place on College campus’ with cliffhanger endings, these could only be attended with a valid student ID thus making the experience seem more exclusive.

Character plots such as the scenes with Barbie and Ken managed to attract a bigger audience as did the use of subtle adult humour through the small innocent phrases with let’s just say…. unsuitable material for five year olds.

The viral release of the Lost’o Bear also made the film a bigger success which then progressed into the making of a Lots’o bear which managed Disney to rake in millions of dollars.

Overall, the sneaky campaign to target students with previews and exclusive viewings not to mention the adult humour and releasing of new characters in toy form, managed to make Disney upwards of  $109 million.

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