Jun 222011

If Kanye West isn’t ruining Taylor Swift’s moment when accepting an award or interrupting former president of the U.S., George W. Bush, he is taking legal action against those who leak his new material.

The single “Mama’s Boy” wasn’t supposed to be released at such an early date, but after the track was leaked over a blog, there have been no other options but to think of the sweetest revenge in the form of a law suit against the person who has let the song out before its due date.

Kanye threatens the unknown person that when he finds out who they are there will be a severe court case and says that numerous amounts of action have been taken to try and identify the alleged leaker. The group who have blogged Kanye’s new material, have added an under bass this making it the total opposite of how the artist wanted it to sound and the record label (Def Jam), maintain that in no way is this the way Kanye wanted his fans to hear his new material which has very little resemblance of the original song.

We just all hope here at SocialMusicMedia, that Kanye will find the person who destroyed one of his many money-making melodies.

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