Jun 232011

It seems the reports of Pottermore being an on- and offline game were not quite on target (although we may see that later). What we do have is an interactive experience when reading the books online. The seven Harry Potter books will be available in eBook form for the first time ever. The user interaction remains to be seen, but Rowling states that within Pottermore there will be additional information that she has relating to characters and places within the books that only she knows. Reading online has now become interactive.

Beginning July 31st, we will find out how to sign up for the site, which will go live to everyone in October.

However, Rowling leaves us with a cryptic message, “Until then…follow the owl.” We’re excited to see what that means, and if it will lead us to something unexpected. Watch her announcement below, and tell us in the comments what you think she means!

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