Jun 232011

If you’ve tried to go over to the rapidly growing Turntable.fm and have been denied, here’s why: the company has passed 140,000 active users in the last month alone, and they can’t quite handle it, so they’ve resorted to collecting email addresses and handing out invites. While sources like MusicAlly comment that its success over a period of time will be the real telling numbers, no one can deny that this is a very impressive first month for a startup.

The biggest issue people seem to have with the service is the questionable legality of sharing and streaming music. The company does pay SoundExchange royalties for every track played, according to MusicAlly. Even though these streamed songs are being legally accounted for, there was a trick in the system found where hackers developed scripts to download tracks from the app. Since this was brought to the attention of Turntable.fm, Billy Chasen (co-founder) said he has fixed the problem and the scripts will no longer work.

When a new music service comes around, there is always discussion of how to make sure all legal tracks are covered. Many sources say that Turntable.fm has done a good job of this. Sean Parker (founder of Napster), tells Jimmy Fallon, “I think it might not be legal.” Parker has obviously dealt with a lot of digital music legal issues in his day, so it would be interesting to hear him embellish on this opinion.

Either way, congratulations to Turntable.fm for hitting 140,000 active users in only one month!

What do you think about the speculation of the service not being completely legal yet?

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