Jul 052011

In only seven months, the social media dashboard Hootsuite has gained an additional million users, allowing it to reach the milestone of 2 million. In a celebratory blog post from the company itself, Hootsuite shares with us some highlights of what they’ve been up to over the last seven months, presumeably ones that helped increase the user number.

•Social Analytics – integrated report modules including Google Analytics and Facebook Insights
•Publisher – a calendar planner view to help manage complex campaigns
•Affiliate Program – helping wise Owls earn money from their evangelism
•Translations – more crowd-sourced languages on mobile and web
•White Papers – a 5-part series about measuring ROI of social
•Mobile-fest – Blackberry & Android added Facebook, Linkedin & Foursquare
•Security – Secure Profiles, Limited Accounts, HTTPS to keep profiles safe
•HootBar – an acquisition of TwitterBar adds a new tool for Firefox
•Facebook Pages – do more in the stream including deleting and commenting
•HootTips – a series of handy tips for rocking the dashboard
•App Directory – started with the addition of ning with more to come
•Chrome App – utilize the power of Google’s browser for native Hooting
•Batch Scheduling – up to 50 messages uploaded in one fell swoop
•Facebook Insights – measure impact and interaction in the biggest network
–Only a few of the many examples given on Hootsuite’s blog

The company goes on to share with us how passionate they are about what they do, and how all of its users’ suggestions and requests are taken seriously and help them give us the best dashboard they can! In addition, they shared a great deal of information regarding users, global reach, usage patters and more in an infographic (found below).

Readers, do you use Hootsuite? Why this dashboard over others?

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