Jul 102011

The “Leave An Impression” campaign by Whisky brand, Ballentine, has taken creative QR Code advertising to the next level. Karl Marc, a tattoo artist from Paris, embedded the code on his friend’s chest (seen in the video below).

“The video was made during four hours, all live, with no breaks or interruptions. I had a camera strapped to my head as well as microphones and battery packs. We didn’t know if the Matrix code would actually work right up to the very end. It worked on paper, but would it work as a tattoo? What makes this tattoo special is not just that it links to an animation. It’s that we will be able to change the animation as time goes on. As Marco grows older and his ideas change, we can create new animations that link to the Matrix Code.”
– Karl Marc

Is there any doubt in your mind that this is real? Do you think QR Code tattoos could be a new fad? Watch the video below and decide.

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