Jul 132011

After months of anticipation, Mashable is reporting that U.S. users will begin to have access to Spotify beginning tomorrow. As long as you’ve signed up on the site, you will receive an invitation within the next few weeks to try out the service. There are three tiers of service options:

1. Free: Limited listening options, but at no monthly cost to users, besides having to deal with the ads.
2. $4.99/month: Ad free and unlimited listening.
3. $9.99/month: No ads, unlimited listening, AND mobile listening.

With backing from the four major record labels, this is the first major free on-demand service to be offered in the U.S. With all of the buzz surrounding the release, the company has been very optimistic and has projected 50 million users in the first year. European users of the service only equal 1 million total, so this seems incredibly optimistic, but we’ll see what happens.

As for a Spotify and Facebook official pairing? There is no announcement, but Ken Parks of Spotify says, “We continue to work together and have a great relationship.”

Readers: Are you excited for the Spotify launch?

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