Jul 142011

Launching in the U.S. this morning, Spotify is here after a highly anticipated wait.

I purchased the premium pricing model, excited about the mobile and offline features.

The exciting part of the mobile and offline features is that anything I star or put into a playlist will be available to me when my phone is not connected to the Internet. As someone who commutes to work via the subway in NYC, this is a great alternative to downloading music and putting it onto my iPod. To sync the accounts/devices, everything needs to be hooked to the same WiFi, though. That could be annoying, but I haven’t tried it yet.

The interface is really easy to use. It’s very clean, not at all cluttered. It reminds me of iTunes, but is still unique. The iTunes integration feature is useful: any songs you have downloaded into your iTunes player is available via syncing to any computer or mobile device you have Spotify on.

Facebook integration looks like it will be yet another way to discover music from your friends. The “Feed” tab gives you updates from any Facebook friends: any music they have shared via the system, as well as (mostly blog) updates from Spotify itself. As only one of my Facebook friends is on Spotify (as of this writing), I haven’t been able to really see how the feature is used.

New Releases and Top Lists add an expected, but helpful part of music discovery as well.

As I am able to play around with the system and the offline modes more, I will update this review. I wanted to give everybody a quick look into Spotify!

Readers: Have you received a Spotify invite code yet? What do you think of the free service?

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