Jul 202011

Bjork is releasing the first album app with Apple for her upcoming album, Biophilia. According to the iTunes description, the site includes:


• Three-dimensional galactic interface with the song Cosmogony
• Access to new songs and apps immediately as they are released
• Music scores with karaoke playback
• Abstract song animation
• Lyrics
• Essay

Watch a walkthrough video of the app:

Always the innovator, Bjork is pioneering the way to other musicians to be even more creative with their album offerings. Through iTunes, fans can purchase the Biophilia app for $1.99, as well as preorder the album for $9.99. There are a number of different offerings through the app, the highlight of which is probably access to songs and apps as soon as they are released. The app also gives fans an inside look to the artist’s inspiration within this “multimedia exploration.”

Fans: Have any Bjork fans tried the app? What did you think?

Musicians: Have you thought about delivering your music through an app or something similar?

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