Aug 012011

Earlier today, I tweeted a contest idea for musicians using Google+: Create Hangouts and use one as a prize. As Hangouts include up to ten people, this could be a free, fairly exclusive prize that wouldn’t take much on your part, but would mean a lot to fans.

Google+ is now offering the chance for Hangouts to utilize YouTube Live streaming. This opens even more options for you to be creative. Watch a live-streamed concert with your fans. Watch a sporting event. Watch anything!

Thanks to the folks over at Mashable for giving us step-by-step instructions of how to manually include the live stream. They believe, like we do, that Google will certainly make it easier in the near future. For now, the steps are fairly easy to follow:

    1. Start the Hangout, and invite your chosen contacts to join you.
    2. In a new window/tab, go to and select the stream you want to use.
    3. Grab the YouTube video ID from the URL.
    4. Go back to your Hangout, and enter the ID in the video tab.
    5. Click play, and you’re all set!

Do you have any other ideas for how to use Hangouts?

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