Aug 012011
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As an artist or a fan, the influence Spotify has created quickly within the U.S. is obvious. Additionally, we have seen in the past that it is extremely popular in Europe, even having people say that it has conquored music piracy all together in some places. Forward thinking musicians then go on to the next question: How can I get my music on Spotify? Luckily, artists do not need to be signed to a label to be able to do this. It’s actually a fairly simple process, but you don’t go through Spotify directly.

The people you need to go through are the artist aggregators who work directly with Spotify to help artists license their music. Currently, the music streaming service works with the following companies:

    Record Union
    Ditto Music
    The state51 Conspiracy
    La Cúpula

As you can see, there are a variety of options within this list. As an artist, you should look carefully at the benefits of each aggregator and see which suits your needs, and budget, the best. Also, it is important to be sure what you, as a customer, need to do to make sure your music gets on the streaming service.

Spotify also tells artists to be patient, as it can take four to six weeks before you see your music there.

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  3 Responses to “How Do I…Get My Music on Spotify?”

  1. Thanks for the mention. Always happy to answer any questions regarding Spotify

    • Of course! And thanks, do you have any suggestions for musicians looking to get their music on Spotify?

      • Hey Ann Marie. I actually wrote a blog about it , and how to promote yourself here here
        Getting on Spotify is really easy and can take between 1-2 weeks. With the new Facebook integration artists who are taking the time to promote themselves are seeing some great results


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