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When attending a concert, many fans will check in using Foursquare, but instead of checking into the band that they are seeing, they are checking into the venue. This is a great resource for the venue, but how can a band take advantage of Foursquare? Pretty easily, now that the service is allowing anyone to create their own Page.

What do you need to begin?

    1. A personal Foursquare account.
    2. A Twitter account for your band (which you already have, hopefully).

As always, make sure that your twitter name is recognizable to your fans, because it will also become your Foursquare URL.

To begin the setup, head over here in a new tab or window.

First, you will be greeted with this:

Thanks to for these images!

After creating your Page, you will be directed to your Page settings–do not put this off for later; you need to complete it right away so that you can be entered into the Page Gallery.

Be sure to complete the most important parts of the profile, including a photo and banner.

Here, you can link to your Facebook account, but I would wait until you get comfortable with the updates before doing that if you can.

If you’re not sure what kind of tips you should leave, I would recommend submitting tips for the next five venues you’re going to play (or have played in the past). Not only does this help the venue, but it will allow fans of the venue to see your name.

As long as you’ve completed each of these steps, you’re free to click the Feature Me! button and be placed into the gallery!

What other ways have you been using Foursquare as a musician?

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