Aug 152011

Spotify keeps itself visible with another helpful blog post. I wanted to share this one in particular because it covers a topic that I’ve been having trouble with lately: search. It was troubling to me that I couldn’t click on a genre of music to find similar artists. In my case, I wanted to see what other comedians had their albums on the music streaming service. With no “Genre” column, I was unaware of how to complete that search. They’ve explained it in detail in their post.

To search for “Genre,” all you need to do is type “Genre:comedy” (substituting “comedy” for whichever genre you are searching) into the Search Bar. This is not specific to only genre, though. You can also search title, album, year, and any combination. They have screen shots on their blog post, which are very helpful if you are confused.

Thanks again, Spotify, for sharing another way to take advantage of your music streaming service!

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