Aug 222011

RIM has been the subject of a few rumors lately, concerning a new music subscription service, Blackberry Music. While they are after the big frontrunners, the new concept allows them to stand out on their own.

Crackberry reports that the service will initially have a free trial period, then going to $5 per month. What does this $5 earn you? 50 songs from the available catalogs (RIM is currently in negotiations with the major labels). You might be thinking that 50 songs is essentially nothing–at least if you’re an avid music fan. It is unclear if you can switch out the 50 songs you choose or not (but I would assume you can).

Where Blackberry Music becomes different is the social feature, integrating BBM (Blackberry Messenger). Users can connect (“share”) with their BBM friends who have the service as well, and gain access to each friend’s 50 songs. The social feature pushes users to connect with more and more people to increase their music library.

Do you use a Blackberry? If so, do you think you will sign up for Blackberry Music once it becomes available?

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