Sep 012011
Spotify Collaborative Playlist

If there’s one thing Spotify knows, it is how to enhance the user experience. Currently, they are doing so by making users’ experiences even more social with collaborative playlists.

Collaborative Playlists allow users to work with each other to create the perfect soundtrack for their day. Now, not only can you share your playlists with others, but they can help edit them.

How do you create a collaborative playlist? It’s simple: create a playlist like you would any other time. Once you have completed as much as you would like to begin, right click on the playlist title in the left-side column and select “Collaborative Playlist.” Once this option had been selected, right click again to copy the link to the same playlist, and send it to the person you would like to collaborate with!

The link is the way to gain access, so if you do not want many people collaborating, make sure you let that be known. You cannot choose specific people to have access to the playlist. If it gets to the point where you do not want any further edits to the playlist, turn off the option the same way you turned it on.

How will you be using this new feature?

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