Sep 072011

While sharing Netflix accounts was never “allowed,” the company did not do too much to stop the fairly common practice. It seems that, beginning September 1st, they have begun to crack down on the violators of this rule. This enforcing goes along with the very large price hike which outraged customers. Many have said that not allowing simultaneous streaming of movies is only another change pushing them in the direction of cancelling their account.

Thanks to Mashable for showing us what happens when multiple computers attempt to stream a movie under one account name:

UPDATE: According to Mashable, this was actually an error by Netflix. While some accounts can only stream one movie at a time, TV shows should be fine, and they are fixing the glitch.

Do you share a Netflix account with multiple people? I have one account for an apartment, but I am not the only one who lives there. Why should a family need to buy more than one account?

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  2 Responses to “Netflix Makes it Difficult to Share Accounts”

  1. I mean sure, enforce the rules sooner or later. But why so soon after they upped priced and caused mass hysteria? My point of view? Not smooth for their image right now. Their streaming selection isn’t worth these silly restrictions either. And I’m with you, why should one family have to buy each individual an account?

    • Exactly. Had they enforced this from the beginning, we wouldn’t even be discussing it right now. It also emphasizes how poorly they portrayed themselves and their brand with the price increase.

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