Sep 122011

TechCrunch has published two posts in the last couple of days, sharing what they believe will be released at the f8 conference, as well as two new features they have gotten tipped off about regarding Facebook Music.

At the conference, which will take place on September 22nd, Facebook is expected to announce its entrance into digital music. There have been a number of rumors regarding various partnerships and what exactly the service will entail.

The ability to purchase music with Facebook Credits is an obvious thought. With Facebook Credit gift card being sold in a huge number of stores, could this take a portion of revenue from the iTunes gift card?

Beyond that assumed feature, TechCrunch has heard “from a very good source” that two additional features will be scrobbling and track unification.

Scrobbling will share what you are listening to in your news feed. I think this could make the feed very cluttered with music, something non-users won’t like very much. Because of this, I hope that there is a way to turn the option on or off, or give the ability to share only certain songs with your friends.

Track unification is what I think will be the game changer with Facebook Music. This feature will allow users of any of the major music streaming services (right now, MOG, Rdio, and Spotify) to click any link posted to Facebook and open that song within the service of their choice. This will break down any inconvenience for users who want an easier time to share music with their friends. Once the service has rolled out, it will be interesting to see how easily it works.

What do you think of Facebook Music? Will it make a noticeable difference in the digital music scene?

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