Sep 222011

Music Wrap-up of f8

Real Time Serendipity
Seeing what your friends are listening to with Spotify. Your friend is listening to a song, click on it, and it opens in your computer, in Spotify. Listening can spread very quickly through the graph, because it is then shown to your friends.

It’s amazing how much music you can discover through your friends.

Music Timeline View
– Top artists, songs, etc.
– Anything you like, you can click and listen to with whatever you have.


When you see a friend listening to music, hover over the song, and you are immediately listening WITH them. This gives you the opportunity to have a group listening experience, and talk about it at the same time.

One of the coolest features: You can see when someone discovers something from you.


In order to make the new model of the music industry (sharing and streaming music) work, we need to discover a LOT of music.


CEO of Spotify takes the stage.

Today is a big day for Facebook, and big day for Spotify, and a big day for fans of music.

People discover music through their friends. Music has to be free (to draw away from Piracy) and inherently social. What better platform than Facebook?

After Napster, Spotify aimed at using a similar strategy, but legal and helping the music industry.

Spotify users who connect through Facebook listen to more music, and their libraries are far more diverse than non-social users. Social users are also far more likely to purchase music.

Let’s light up the world with music.


Mark thanks all of the developers making music apps and allowing them to make music more social.

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