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As more and more shows use social media, specifically Twitter, as a major marketing tool, we can assume  that these platforms can also be used to measure user engagement. Fox’s Glee is an extremely social show, but that wasn’t great for them as the show premiered its third season. In the article below, you can see that viewers decreased 29% from the previous season, as well as the number of tweets decreasing by about 200,000.

As shows become more social, will we see an increasing correlation between social media engagement and traditional ratings?

The Sad Ballad of the Sinking Social Engagement (and Ratings) of ‘Glee’

Dumenco’s Trendrr Chart of the Week

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A scene from 'Glee'

A scene from ‘Glee’

Yesterday I noted that the “Glee” season-three premiere on Sept. 20 slipped compared to last year’s season premiere. Today we’re taking a closer look at “Glee” with help from our editorial partner Trendrr, the social-media monitoring firm, and its service. Some context for the chart below:

    • Tim Molloy of reports that last night’s episode of “Glee,” the second episode of the third season, “was down 10 percent from its premiere rating, which was down 29 percent from last season’s premiere.”
    • There’s not always a linear relationship between social buzz and TV ratings, but in case of a show as social-buzz-fueled as “Glee,” you could see the warning signs on Twitter that it was losing steam. Last year’s “Glee” season premiere garnered more than half a million tweets the day it aired. This year’s season premiere had a roughly 200,000 drop in tweet volume.
    • What do people tweet about when they tweet about “Glee”? It’s a musical, so you’d think maybe the songs, but it’s really about the characters. The Sue Sylvester character holds the top spot when it comes to inspiring tweets, with Kurt Hummel right on her tail. The Rachel Berry character — played by ostensible series star Lea Michele — only takes fourth place.

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