Oct 272011

Intoxicated and high, is how Amy Winehouse was known to the public but her Mum exposed to STV that to her family, friends and close ones, Amy was a yearning Mum to be with ex partner Blake and feels that if she did have a child the singer would still be here today.

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After the first post mortom coming to an inconclusive ending, Coroner Suzanne Greenway said the singer died of accidental alcohol poisoning, “the unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels (of alcohol) was her sudden and unexpected death.”

Originally found dead on 23rd July, aged 27, Police Detective Les Newman reportedly found her surrounded by empty Vodka bottles. A totally unexpected suicide wasn’t anticipated by Doctor Christina Romete who had talked to the singer the previous night about her birthday and future plans after her relapse from abstenance from alcohol.

After a life of success, the infamous beehive and smoke entwined vocals will live on forever in both the hearts of her fans, friends and family.


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