Nov 102011

The timing of your (or your band’s) posts to social media platforms can be almost as important as what it is that you’re sharing. Regardless of what content you put out there, if you’re posting before you go to sleep at 3am after a show, you will not be getting the desired results. It is important to remember that timing should factor into when you are using socal media.

The infographic below shows the difference between when people are marketing their messages and when consumers or fans are actively engaging. You want your content to arrive in front of a fan’s face while they are at their computer (or surfing on their phone/tablet). Otherwise, you’re counting on them going far enough back in their newsfeed or tweets to come across your post. Don’t let it be a chance!

There are a large number of articles out there claiming to be THE answer to timing your posts. Any one of them could be correct. What you should do is take a look at your own data, check out when you get the most engagement from YOUR fans, and go from there!

Because social media is a nonstop system, and our lives are often busy, we don’t always have the luxory of being available to post at these key times. There are a few solutions to this problem.

Social Media Dashboards are incredibly helpful for those of us often on the go (or who have day jobs!). One such product is Hootsuite (this is what I use). They offer free and paid accounts, with the main difference being the number of accounts you can link. The types of account that you can view and SCHEDULE for include Twitter, Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, and recently Tumblr.

This scheduling feature gives you the power to take the same amount of time you have been giving to social media, but get far more out of it because you are giving your content to your fans at the times they prefer.

Now time for you to tell me: is this something that you think about when posting? When do you usually post?

Check back soon, because I will be sharing some services that I use to know when to time my posts!

[Image Source: Antonio Viva]

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