Dec 052011

Forever 21, purveyor of cheap and cheerful fashion, has sparked outrage amongst Nirvana fans and fast-fashion critics alike for blatantly ripping off the “Flipper” t-shirt that Kurt Cobain designed in 1992. The singer’s own version, simply a t-shirt scrawled on with Sharpie, became a notable signpost of grunge style after the singer wore it during Nirvana’s 1992 Saturday Night Live performance. Forever 21’s copy, originally priced at $16.90 and now removed from their site, offered no credit or context to its origins, and was simply labeled as a “crew neck tee with sketched ‘Flipper’ graphic at front.” Unsurprisingly, no one was convinced. The brand declined comment for this story. –Rolling Stone

As members of a DIY community, this outrages a number of independant musicians. Never mind the fact that the copying involved a musical icon. While many people appreciate the low prices of F21, the major clothing retailor seems to have little to no need to create their own designs. Check out the rest of the article to see other cases the company has been involved with.

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