Dec 062011
Twitter Featured

According to this article, theaters and opera houses are beginning to offer seats specifically for those who are connected to their smartphones-and calling them Tweet Seats. For an industry that, overall, has a small social media presence, this is a great initiative! It leads me to wonder if it could catch on in the concert industry.

For the most part, concerts aren’t a scenario in which tweeting or smartphone use is prohibited or even frowned upon. However, it could be beneficial to offer reduced pricing or seat upgrades for twitter power users-specifically those in the niche you’re working within.

I guess we could look at it in the same way as comping seats for press to do reviews, but this is opening it to a whole different audience. The idea of bringing in these people would be that they are already fans, with a huge online presence, and the desire to spread the word. For a small indie band this could be the social media boost needed!

Do any of you utilize your Twitter-savvy fans? How?

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