Jan 022012

The beginning of the year is a time when many people make resolutions and goals for the next 365 days. If your music career is part of your aspirations for 2012, Tunecore has shared seven steps to increase your chances of musical success!

  1. Write some songs
  2. Play live
  3. Record some music
  4. Create your online foundation
  5. Create your online solar system
  6. Connect your on and offline worlds
  7. Shift the burden

Obviously, our focus here at Social Music Media is numbers 4-6. The importance of your online presence cannot be overlooked. While success without one is obviously possible, it is vastly easier to reach potential fans through the Internet.

Beyond the necessary Facebook and Twitter accounts, a website is critical for any online presence. The website should be used as a hub for all online activity. When a fan wants to find your Twitter account or listen to your music that is streaming online, they will Google your band name. This search should easily bring them to your site and allow them to find all links.

Does anyone disagree with this list? Do you not think a website is necessary?


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