Jan 042012
Source: StudentOnCampus.com

Source: StudentOnCampus.com

We’ve discussed in the past bands that have created unique apps for their music. We even know that companies like ReverbNation allow users to create their own apps. Even with the availability of creating something like this, most artists do not have their own app. You might think no one will download or use it. If it’s so simple to create, though, why wouldn’t you try? Maybe the five reasons below will help to convince you:

1. In the last week of 2011, mobile users downloaded 1.2 billion apps, setting a record (according to Flurry, a social analytics company). With the number of apps being downloaded growing so much, can you afford to not be available for your fans?

2. More and more users are accessing the Internet primarily from their mobile devices. If all they have to do to keep up to date with your music is tap an icon, that might make them more likely to do so. Additionally, even if they don’t open the app daily, they will see your band’s logo whenever they scroll through their apps.

3. We saw yesterday that mobile viewers are more patient and more likely to watch a complete video than desktop users. Why not make it easy for them and optimize your video content through an app?

4. Additional revenue through either app sales or integrating your merch store. This one may or may not be the case if you choose to make everything monetarily free. You will always be able to gain something through the download, though. Perhaps you can give the app away for free, in exchange for sharing it on Twitter, or in exchange for a mailing list sign up.

5. The ability to target your mobile demographic so specifically. You already know how many people are accessing your content through mobile devices. If that number is at all significant to you, an app can be invaluable. Mobile users can participate in message boards, stream exclusive content, and Tweet about what they just saw from you with the social media integration of smartphones and tablets. So easily being able to share your content can only help you.

Can you think of any other reasons to create a mobile music app for your band?

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