Jan 062012
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For the first time since 2004, the music industry saw an increase in album sales. While the number wasn’t huge, album sales did jump 1.6% from 2010. Total sales increased 6.9%, which is a great sign for the industry overall.

There are so many people saying how the music industry is dead, it will never recover–here are some good numbers. And to those people I also say, it’s not dead. As long as there are people creating music, the music industry will be here. It is changing, absolutely, and we need to figure out how to monetize it so that all of us won’t be out of jobs. But it’s just like any number of industries that have been changed and people need to adapt.

But let’s break down the album sales. CDs were still down (only 5.7%), but digital albums were up 19.5% (huge!). There has been talk in the past that albums are a waste of time, and people are only buying singles–here’s proof against that. Keep on recording your albums; we’re still buying them.

In sales numbers, what genre did you want to be a part of in 2011? Rock, rap, jazz (thanks, Michael BublĂ©), and electronic/dance, which is sure to grow even more than 15% in 2012, as it’s gaining popularity.

Could this be the start of a sales turnaround? Could dubstep, deadmau5 and Michael Bublé be bringing all of this revenue to the industry?


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