Jan 302012

Billboard recently posted excerpts from an interview they conducted at MIDEM with Sony’s Tony Schaaff. Within the article, he discussed Sony Music Unlimited, a streaming service by the major music company. Unfortunately for Sony, millions of accounts were recently hacked, and Schaaff explained how the company has been dealing with the obviously negative backlash from that situation as well.

Regarding Sony’s need for a higher consumer subscriber level, Schaaff shared that the company will be focusing on retail and global. The global marketing campaign will feature Sony Entertainment Network as a whole, not only their retail devices.

With the huge (and growing) number of competitors in the music streaming field, Billboard asked of Music Unlimited, “Why bother?” Schaaff’s answer began simply, with “…this is not a sprint, this is a marathon.” Just how large is the competitive market? Sony itself licensed music to 250+ different services in 2011. Schaaff went on to say that if Sony didn’t think it was bringing something new and innovative to the market, it wouldn’t bother entering such a crowd.

Finally, the question is brought up about the hacking case and how he feels Sony consumers are feeling in regards to trust in the company. According to internal data, engagement with the brand is higher than ever, and Schaaff seems confidant that all of the trust has been regained. On a company end, Sony has invested a large amount of money in beefing up its security to make sure nothing like that happens ever again.

How do you feel about Sony Music Unlimited, the hacking scandal, and how Schaaff has portrayed Sony in this interview?

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