Feb 072012

If you are an independent artist in the Tampa Bay area (or want to travel), you can take part in the first Listening Room Festival. The organizers are trying to turn the traditional festival idea on its head, help out artists by giving them some money, and bring back the idea of house concerts. From the website:

March 15-18, 2012 – Tampa Bay, FL

We’re putting on our first festival/conference, and we’re breaking all the rules.

  • No hotel – every traveling artist/fan stays with hosts/friends in the area
  • No exhibit hall fees – just informal gatherings.
  • No flyers, postcards, or promotional hassles – just friends and fans attend.

…and the biggest rule breaker of all – every participating artist actually makes money by playing concerts during the festival.

That’s right – this will be a festival unlike any other. Together we’ll inspire people to host and attend house concerts, and we’ll teach a whole new segment of the population the great and new ways to enjoy live music.

We’ll meet in downtown St. Petersburg during the day for workshops and networking and fun, then everyone goes off for the evening to attend, host, or play a show!

Find out how you can participate here.

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  1. Can’t wait to be in Tampa! Listening Room Festival hosts Derek Reese! March 15 – 19th Hideaway Cafe. 

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