Feb 142012

Onesheet: Onesheet provides artists a simple, but visually appealing, website. The idea is that it can be a one-stop address where fans can find social media integration, tour info, and anything else the artist wants to provide.

45 Sound: Are there any cell-phone videos of your shows that your fans or friends took? They probably don’t have the best audio quality. 45 Sound wants to fix that.

Tastemate: I’m a big proponent of rewarding fans who go the extra mile by coming out to your shows and buying merchandise. Tastemate provides the ability to give special discounts and deals only available at shows and events. Fans are encouraged to participate and engage with the app throughout the concert.

Crowdstream: This app is another for use during concerts, but it connects you (the artist) directly with your fans.



Are there any other apps that you think musicians should be using?

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