Feb 142012
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We’ve seen more and more the prominence of YouTube in the music industry. From stars like Justin Bieber being discovered through the site, to viral sensations like Rebecca Black, it has seemingly unlimited power. Jason Ross of The Bowery Presents discussed how the company is utilizing the video sharing platform to help artists launch their careers.

By creating a custom YouTube channel, TBP hopes to “elongate the concert cycle.” Beginning with Sleigh Bells on February 17th, the promotion company will be live streaming concerts through the channel. With partnerships, these shows will also be syndicated on the Noisey channel (YouTube) and by Pitchfork.

Billboard tells us that YouTube performers can make more money from the comfort of their home than many live shows in big cities. Are we getting to an age where live music could be dying? Will we only be able to see footage of our favorite artists live through a computer screen? Or is this development doing nothing except allowing new fans to discover unseen talent? Tell me what you think in the comments below.


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