Mar 012012

Since the explosion of Twitter, more and more musicians are taking advantage of all it has to offer. Whether you are trading a tweet for a track or just connecting with fans, it’s a huge platform on which to market your music. TwitMusic gives you even more to work with.

Fans and artists alike can sign in, using their Twitter ID. From here, you can list your show dates (and include links where fans can purchase tickets).

The best part of the whole site might be the ticker to the right side of the home page. When someone listens to your music, their Twitter handle comes up with the name of the song under “Now Playing” for everyone to see. With that, there are five different ways to get on the site’s home page.

In addition to the ticker, there are recommendations from the TwitMusic staff. Presumably, these are not automated. Below that are popular artists, ranked by the number of followers they have. Top Ten Songs is calculated by the number of plays, so it is all-time. There are also genre-specific artists listed at the bottom, but it is unclear how those are chosen.

Your artist profile has only the essential information, plus space for a much bigger photo than Twitter allows. Besides your Twitter information, photos of your fans are listed, along with the songs you have uploaded to the site.

The ease of use for artists and fans alike, along with the sleek interface, make me think this could become a standard for musicians using Twitter.

Do you have a TwitMusic page? Share yours below and let us know what you think of the service (we’re really curious to hear how people like it)!

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