Mar 132012

BandPage, a favorite Facebook app among independent artists, has reached a huge milestone–500,000 users! To put this into perspective, just 6 months ago the app was at half that number.


Along with this excited announcement, the company has also announced that it will begin to roll out a number of new features. I would assume that a number of these are to combat the fear many apps are surely having that their usage will decrease significantly with the switch to Timeline.

Some of the new features are:

  • Wider design (a positive of Timeline), so that users can take advantage of sharing more photos and videos with their fans.
  • The company will send data to Billboard, updating the industry giant on rising stars using the features.
  • Automatically updating fans through notifications: I’ll have to look more into this to see how it’s going to work. It sounds like a good idea, but it could also end up being too much like spam if a fan receives a notification EVERY time a band updates–especially it it’s a very social media-savvy band who likes to share a lot of photos and materials.

The company has also partnered with SoundExchange to help artists find uncollected royalties for their music.

“Helping artists to be more successful is core to the mission of BandPage. We’re really excited to be able to find so much unclaimed revenue for working bands, and to help them connect with SoundExchange so that they’ll collect royalties moving forward.”

– Chris Wiltsee, director of business development, BandPage

Will these changes persuade you to start using BandPage if you haven’t already?


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