Mar 132012

Whoops! Metal label Century Media has taken a stance against Spotify, stating that, “in its present shape and form [it] is not the way forward.”

So isn’t it surprising to see albums from this very label up on the streaming service? Apparently it was a mistake on EMI’s part, and they accidentally posted said albums to Spotify. As soon as they realized what they had done, they removed the material and issued a statement, saying they “made a big mistake.”

“We accidentally delivered a number of albums by Century artists to Spotify. Which is where you saw them. As soon as we realized our mistake, we immediately notified Spotify, and the titles were removed from the system. We’re obviously embarassed that this happened, and we’ve taken steps to make sure it can’t happen again. And we’re very sorry to Century and its artists for the trouble we’ve caused.”

-statement issued from EMI regarding the mistake.


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