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I see the word volary is a flock of birds or a cage to keep them in–which are you?
I’m a bird which has spent most of its life in a cage, and is just now learning to fly.
What are a few words to describe the sound of the band?
Well, the album was recorded with a lot of session musicians and is lush, textured, and moody. When we play live there are only three of us (guitar/vocals, bass, drums), so the sound is much more power-pop and energetic.
Who is Volary? (Band members, relationships, what you each do, etc.)
Volary is myself (Samantha) on guitar and vocals, Sam Mollica on bass, and a rotating series of drummers. The drummer with which we won the 2011 San Francisco heat of the Battle for America battle of the bands is called Josh Jones. Josh is unfortunately no longer with the band, and we haven’t yet found someone to permanently sit on the drum throne. I am the singer/songwriter of the group.

Last live show you attended.

The last live show I attended was one in which we played on the bill with two singer/songwriter friends of mine: Francesca Lee and the New Believers, and Robin Yukiko. If you like Volary’s music, I strongly encourage you to check out and

Favorite city in which to perform.

Really the only city we’ve performed in so far is San Francisco, but we would love to play in Las Vegas, New York, Austin, and anywhere in Australia (which is where I’m from).

What role does social media play in your music?

Social media is playing a much larger role in my music these days. I do video and radio interviews of other musicians, and recently went to LA to conduct red carpet interviews for an awards show. It was so much fun to meet people whom I’d once only known by their Twitter handles. I also got the chance to sing backing vocals on the album currently being recorded by a country music Twitter friend when I was in Las Vegas.
Apart from Twitter and Facebook, I really enjoy using Tumblr and have met some wonderful people through that site. I look forward to meeting them one day, too.

What is the strongest digital tool you’ve found?

The strongest digital tools I’ve found are websites like,, which are all websites run by people who are really dedicated to promoting indie artists. I’m friends with the owners of these sites now due to our connections on Twitter, and they’ve all been wonderful supporters of Volary.

Are you constantly connected, or do you find yourself having to try to remember to check your social accounts?

I’m almost constantly connected – I hate missing what’s being said on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook, although I may not post all the time.

Do you have any events or releases coming up?

We’re currently trying to grab the attention of the judges at a national battle of the bands called The American Battle. It would be great if people could vote for us here: is no signing up required, just go to the page and click on the vote button to the left of the leggy picture.
We’re also playing a show in San Francisco on March 29th, at 9pm, at a venue called Viracocha. The cover is $12 for the show and if 20 people show up to see Volary play, we will donate our entire proceeds of the evening to the Bay Area Young Survivors, a support group for young adult breast cancer veterans like myself. I can attest to the incredible support provided by BAYS to young men and women who often fall through the cracks of other support programs.

Where is Volary online? 

Our official website:
Our Facebook Fan page:
Our Twitter name: @volarymusic
Our Reverbnation page:
Our YouTube channel:
Our Tumblr page:

Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

We really appreciate the time you’ve taken to listen to our music. We hope you enjoy it and will share it with your friends. Thank you.

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