Apr 242012
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Basic ideas, but if you’re just getting started on Twitter to connect with your fans, you should keep the following Twitter Tips in mind!

1. Thank people for following you! There are a lot of users who are much more likely to not unfollow you if there has been interaction. Just a simple “Thanks for following” can go a long way.

2. Pay attention to your mentions. There might be some spam, and you can ignore that, but try to reply to everyone who says something to you. Isn’t that the point of Twitter? To engage with your fans?

3. Retweet your followers. Share the great content people are sending out, especially when they’re saying nice things about you!
4. Share personal tweets. No, I don’t mean your address or phone number. But tweet about getting dinner or drinks with friends, or when you’re watching a movie on TBS, or just about a new song (not your own) that you like. Make a personal connection to fans through Twitter.
5. When you share your own content, include a call to action. Your followers won’t know that you want them to comment on your new video, or share the streaming link of your latest single unless you specifically tell them. They want to do it, so help them help you!
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