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Three-piece band FallsStart is a rock band from Honolulu that compares its sound to that of bands like Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Being that they are from Hawaii, I was interested in finding out how the band uses social media to grow and connect with their fan base. Check out what they had to say about it below.

1. You identify yourselves as being from Hawaii–how do you think your location has affected you as a band?

Although the alternative rock scene is relatively small, Hawaii has been great for us. We have written and tested the music for Our Summer, performed at Hard Rock Cafe in Waikiki, and made some great friends. Adrian Cottmeyer – AC

2. Your album, Our Summer, comes out in August–what can fans expect from the release?

Fans can expect a sonic experience that will evoke emotion through “Our Summer”. This project was all about the music, from the incredible writing and lyrical content, down to the final mix of the record. Jaron Seuis – JS

3. How important do you feel social media is? Do you think that it affects you more than other artists because your location is more difficult for fans to travel to?

Social media is paramount for FallsStart to succeed not only because of our foundation location but also because we are frequently traveling to different parts of the world. This is certainly a new age we are living in. Even though I recently did a tour in Kyrgyzstan we were still able to share our music and stay connected to the people that love and share FallsStart. – AC

4. What is your favorite part about using social media to connect with your fans?

My favorite part of social media is the direct relationships we are able to build through media sites. Extra connection through personal conversations and interactions with our fans is what makes our shows even better to experience. Once fans, now friends and family. – JS

5. Do you use Facebook, Twitter, etc?

Facebook to no end. While in different parts of the world for different reasons, the Facebook chat has let the three of us keep up with each other, keep track of what we’re doing, when we’re doing it, what we’re working on, etc…now if only there were something we could do about that timeline on there! Davey Leatherwood – DL

6. Have you run contests through social media previously?

We do have contests from time to time and make it very easy to win because we love giving away free stuff! – AC

7. Do you plan on touring for the release of your new album? Where?

We do have a tour planned for the East Coast in August, dates and locations to be announced – AC

8. Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

We would just like to thank you and your readers for their time. Thank you and hope to see you online or at one of our shows – AC

I’m growing my hair back out, that is all… 😛 – DL

You can find the band online:

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