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It should be abundantly clear by now, but your band is not purely a creative unit, it is a brand, and a business. When you are trying to make it in this industry, it is important that you realize the business end of it, or you will be hit with endless surprises along the way. Inc.com is a great resource for startups and entrepreneurs (I read it daily), and a list that Geoffrey James posted yesterday really caught my attention. It can be applied to all business situations, and I know that some of these are rampant in the DIY music community (i.e. Marketing Spam!).

The Rant: Take a breath; take a few hours. Whatever it is, do not write an email immediately when you are upset or angry.

The Scandal Sheet: How easy is it for you to accidentally email the wrong person, or for the recipient of your email to hit “forward”? Too easy. Do not spread gossip.

Marketing Spam: A gross amount of my inbox is full of this. I am more than happy to receive pitch emails, but don’t add me to any impersonal, mass email lists. I will add myself to your newsletter or mailing list if I want to. If I haven’t done that, show me that you’ve done some research and are actually trying to reach me, not just anyone who will open your email.

Bad News: This one I’m not totally sure I agree with. For big news, like being fired, yes. But it might not 100% apply. Whether it is cancelling a gig or saying you cannot attend an event, try to get in touch with the person you are speaking with in the manner they most prefer.

The Time Waster: This one I read in terms of your newsletter or marketing emails. Send them out with real, legitimate news. Do not send out videos you think are funny, or a band you like (if it is all irrelevant). Do send out emails about tours, releases, and shows.

Read the full list, with the author’s comments, here.

What other emails do you think should never be sent? Tell us in the comments below.

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