Jul 202012

At 12:30PM EST today, we’ll be chatting with David E Beats HERE! Come armed with your questions and feel free to enter the conversation with him.

UPDATE: Below, find the transcript of our interview with David!

As The Music Plays Hey, David! Thanks for joining us on our wall! Could you give us a little background about your latest musical project?

David E Beats Blvd My latest musical project is RENAISSANCE!

David E Beats Blvd A 14 track hiphop/rock hybrid thats definitely #dopesauce!

As The Music Plays Awesome! I’ve seen #dopesauce is your term of choice on your Facebook Page–a hashtag, but you deleted Twitter!

What made you decide to delete your account?

David E Beats Blvd i decided to stay off twitter mainly because of all the spam accounts, wasnt giving me an accurate count of my followers

David E Beats Blvd i’d gain 100, lose 100

David E Beats Blvd gain 20, lose 10

David E Beats Blvd lots of spam bots on twitter, plus, FB is just better overall from a marketing point of view

David E Beats Blvd more engaging content, more insights, just more of what I need to do what i gotta do!

David E Beats Blvd which is being #dopesauce! everyday

As The Music Plays Can you give us a little background on who the White House band is?

As The Music Plays haha! Well then tell us what it means to be #dopesauce

David E Beats Blvd firstly, WHB is a hip hop rock project that I created to get out my ideas on how to mix the two genres.

David E Beats Blvd Sometimes its a full band, sometimes its just me, calling this project WHB opens me up to alot of possiblilities in terms of making music and performing

David E Beats Blvd what #dopesauce means is that you’re ready to do whatever to succeed and have a good time

David E Beats Blvd ‎#dopesauce is just enjoying life, and taking advantage of every opportunity and moment!

As The Music Plays Hip hop and rock – two of our favorite genres. What was the inspiration behind you wanting to bring those two musical styles together?

David E Beats Blvd thats how i grew up, my moms listening to gospel and soul and pop, dad listened to hard rock and heavy metal. Its just natural for me to mix, its already been mixed in my life!

As The Music Plays Any particular artists or albums that has influenced your sound?

David E Beats Blvd i got into hip hop because of The Blueprint by Jay Z. First rap album I ever heard. Other than that, it’s just been songs here and there I heard daily that my mom would play or dad would play in the car, in the morning b4 school, afterschool, during bedtime, late at night, there was so much music around me growing up.

As The Music Plays Awesome… So more on your latest project – you describe it a 14 track hip hop rock hybrid. What else can you tell us about it?

David E Beats Blvd also, i can tell you that its hosted by Mick Boogie,

David E Beats Blvd I can tell you that its the best rap mixtape you’ll hear this year

David E Beats Blvd i can also tell you that there are many different styles on this project

David E Beats Blvd and it took over 6 months to record, and I really poured all my emotions over all of these songs

David E Beats Blvd its kind of like a diary

David E Beats Blvd just going thru what its like a day in my life, sometimes your happy, sometimes your sad, sometimes you’re winning, sometimes you have it all, and sometimes you just gotta have enough spirit to pursue your goal thru trials and tribulations

David E Beats Blvd so thats that

As The Music Plays Other than being hosted by Mick Boogie, are there any other collabs you’re excited for fans to hear?

David E Beats Blvd right now i dont collab to much, i feel like i need to still prove myself as an MC

David E Beats Blvd theres some controversy around about my lyrical ability

David E Beats Blvd so i plan on doing several mixtapes solo dolo to show ppl that i have what it takes to be on the mic

David E Beats Blvd then we can talk about collabs!

As The Music Plays You sound like you have something to prove and you have a chip on your shoulder, do you feel like this mixtape portrays that?

David E Beats Blvd definitely, just about every song i write has a lil bit of that there.

David E Beats Blvd i got somewhere i gotta be, so i’ll do whatever i need to do to get where i gotta go. if the market says im not lyrical enuff, i’ll outrap everyone. thats why i drop so many freestyles on my youtube page – http://www.youtube.com/TheWHBTV

As The Music Plays We can’t wait to hear it! Can you tell our followers where the mixtape is available?

David E Beats Blvd its already out, has several hundred downloads/sales, and going on 8000 plays – http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/17061/david_e_beats__renaissance.html

As The Music Plays As we wrap up, do you have any plans to do live shows in the near future? If so, give us a little info about your next gig.

David E Beats Blvd no touring this year, did alot of touring and selling out alot of shows over the last 2 years. Going forward, my goal is to build a strong fanbase using the internet!

As The Music Plays Any chance you’ll make a reappearance on Twitter?

David E Beats Blvd prolly not. at least not until they get their s*** together!

As The Music Plays Well David, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to chat with us. Any final word to our followers?

David E Beats Blvd like my FB page – David E Beats x The White House Band now. Join the #teamdopesauceMovement and stay #dopesauce

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