Jul 252012


We heard that the Spice Girls are working together again to create Viva Forever, a musical. The Backstreet Boys announced their reunion. NKOTB. Now 98 Degrees has told the world they will be recording once again, and will perform at the Today Show’s Summer Concert Series.

So what is bringing this on?

Did 98 Degrees see many of their former peers reuniting and want to take advantage of it as well? (Keeping with their junior level status in the boy band heyday.) This might be the case for the one band, but what about the trend overall?

Are we seeing our preteen crushes running out of money, or perhaps wanting to rekindle their former glory? Few of the members have gone on to have successful entertainment careers. Posh is married to David Beckham and frowns all the time, Scary had a baby. Nick Carter had a very short-lived reality show with his family that showed us the terrifying truth about its disfunction.

So many questions, and I for one am excited to see where this goes. More importantly, who will be next? Sisqo? LFO? Will Justin Timberlake take a break from wedding planning to do a quick NSYNC tour?

I guess we’ll just have to wait to see.

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