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We were able to chat with a Long Island band, The Como Brothers, about their sound, how close they are to NYC, and how much they love Twitter! Check out the interview below, and keep scrolling for a video and taste of their music.


ATMP: Give us a brief history of the Como Brothers Band–how did you decide to start playing music together, and how would you describe your sound?

CBB: The Como Brothers Band, founded by Matt and Andrew Como, is an American Rock Band from NY. The band has played with various lineups since 2007, but became a very serious entity in 2010.

We grew up in a musical household and have been influenced by many different types of music. We come from a musical family that has surrounded us with music from a very early age. Matt and Andrew are inspired by songwriters such as Paul McCartney, John Lennon, John Mayer, and Ray Charles among many other songwriters past and present.

Matt and Andrew’s songwriting is the driving force in the band. We write songs that hopefully a majority of people can relate to, but at the same time we strive to keep integrity and originality in all of our songs!

Matt is 23 and Andrew is 21 years old. Andrew plays lead guitar and sings lead vocals. Matt plays bass and also sings lead vocals. We infuse pop, rock, blues, funk, and jazz styles into our songs creating a distinct sound.

ATMP: When did you release your EP? Was this your first experience in a recording studio?

CBB: On January 26, 2012 The Como Brothers Band released their first professionally recorded EP entitled “The Speed of Sound.” This was our first experience with professional recording engineers and it was great!

​It was amazing to be able to record with producers Mike Watts, Steve Haigler, and Tom Flynn who have also worked with The Pixies, As Tall As Lions, Brand New, and Muse.

ATMP: You got in touch with us via Twitter–have you found this to be a successful way of getting in touch with media?

CBB: We love Twitter! Twitter is such a great way to connect with our fans and other people who might be interested in our music. We are able to have conversations with people about shows, our songs, etc., and we love having that ability. It is also really cool because you can actually talk to some influential people. One of our favorites was New York Yankees World Series champion Chuck Knoblauch. We are avid Yankee fans and grew up admiring Chuck so it was really exciting!

ATMP: In what other ways have you used social media to spread the word about your music?

CBB: We try to have a real presence on the internet by using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reverbnation, and Sonicbids. Soon we are going to be using Instagram and Viddy. As crazy as it sounds, we don’t own an IPhone yet.

ATMP: Do you take advantage of true fans to share your EP with their followers?

CBB: At our shows we give out our EP for free instead of selling it – we ask them to show at least two of their friends. We love it when someone messages or twitters us that their friends have turned them on to our music and that they like it.

ATMP: I see the band is from Long Island. How has your distance from NYC influenced the band in a business sense?

CBB: We are very fortunate to live on Long Island because it is so close to NYC. We have been able to book shows easily and apply for as many opportunities as possible. It has been a great avenue for making contacts.

ATMP: Where can listeners find The Como Brothers Band online?

www.comobrothersband.com (under construction)

ATMP: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

CBB: We were named a top emerging artist by Sound & Image Showcase who is affiliated with Sony Music. Kal Nwaneri (Will Smith, Biz Markie) the co-founder of S&IS, will be mixing and mastering one of our new songs at Sony Music Studios, that will be included on a compilation CD. This CD will be sent to leading Sony executives and A&R’s who may be interested in signing us to a major label recording contract. The CD will also be put onto iTunes.

This summer we have been busy in the studio recording our first full length CD scheduled to be released in 2013! We have also just finished recording Kayla Stockert’s first EP. She is a fellow S&IS Emerging Artist. We are very excited to have written 2 songs for Kayla’s EP. We also co-wrote a third song with Kayla – the songs are amazing!! Her EP, featuring us playing the music, will be released in the fall of 2012!

A big thanks to the guys for taking the time to answer our questions! Check out their music in the links above and the video below, for one of their songs that MTV featured on Real World last night–let us know what you think of it in the comments, or on the band’s Facebook Page.

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  1. Awesome! Loving this band’s music!

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