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Updated with user review!

Music streaming service Spotify announced this morning that Android users can now download their app for free and use the radio service. Previously, mobile was only available to Premium users.

Keep reading for the details.

Our latest app now offers free radio – the only radio where you can save the songs you love. It’s never been easier to discover, save and enjoy an unlimited amount of music on the go.

Play everywhere

Tap into millions of songs wherever you are. Just like the desktop, mobile radio has the entire Spotify catalog to choose from.

Just create stations

Create stations based on any artist, album or playlist, and let Spotify bring you one great song after another. Skip if you disagree

Save the songs you love

When you like a song, give it a thumbs up and it’ll be saved to a “Liked from Radio” playlist on your desktop. So you can listen whenever you like.

Make it more personal

Every time you give a song a thumbs up (or down), Spotify learns. Our radio gets even better the more you listen.

Premium users can enjoy a Premium radio experience that’s ad-free. Free users, you’ll hear occasional ad-breaks just like you do on your desktop.

I’m wondering if this will lower the appeal of the Premium plan for any users. For radio-heavy streamers, they could downgrade to the free version and deal with listening to ads.

What do you think? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

Update: User Review (Immediate reactions and descriptions included)

I wanted to check out the free radio, so apparently I now have a 48 hour trial for Spotify Premium.
Now it says only premium subscribers can do something, but I supposedly have a 48 hour free trial?

Basically this is like Pandora. It doesn’t even look very different on the phone. It has a thumbs down, up, pause, and skip. Though this gives the possibility of starring for your computer.

I mean, it’s still good, and it loads faster than Pandora, but I expected it to be a little different!

I’ll probably use it about the same as Pandora, but this might have me swap over from Pandora (assuming they don’t put in any of the limits to songs with the radio) just because it seems like a better app. You can limit the time between songs/crossfade, and I can mark songs I like for later (which is good for people like me who often forget song names).

I’d recommend it. It could also be a great alternative to Pandora for people listening during the day and such.

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  2 Responses to “Spotify brings free radio to Android users”

  1. Do you know if this gets limited in how many times you can listen to each song per month?

    It does seem like it will lower the appeal, but I imagine that, at this point, few people will cancel their subscriptions so it probably isn’t a major issue for the company. It makes sense for companies to offer the new benefits to premium first but later offer it in a free version, assuming that they have more benefits for the premium group. Perhaps they are coming out with something new or improved for premium?

    • I don’t know for sure about the individual song limit, but since it’s radio they probably don’t repeat songs too many times as it is. I doubt that they would limit stations based on specific songs, but I’ll have to look into that more to find out.

      I hope you’re right about new features for premium. You make a good point about few people lowering their subscription (I know I won’t). I guess we’ll see if they roll out new and improved premium features!

      Thanks for the comments!

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